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SMU Student Working to Hire Veterans for Storm Recovery

When waves of unexpected hardships come pouring into your life, a Southern Methodist University student wants veterans to be there to help.

"A lot of times, you know, vets get in jobs that ... don't bring out the best in them and this is one of those that does," said Jason Waller.

Waller is finishing his undergraduate degree at SMU and has a business plan to train veterans to be insurance adjusters.

So, after disasters like the recent hurricanes, veterans would be the ones to respond and represent insurance companies.

"In this job, the reason why this is perfect for veterans — it's therapeutic. Because number one they still continue to serve Americans, but instead of indirectly on the other side of the world they can do it with a handshake in their own backyard,” Waller said.

Jason knows this is a perfect fit because he is a former insurance adjuster and he's also a veteran.

He was inspired to enlist in the Army after Sept. 11 and later deployed to Iraq. During his service, he earned several honors including a Purple Heart.

"It made me a better person I think,” Waller said. “A lot of the qualities that make good adjusters are also similar to the ones that I think were forged in my character overseas ... being able to help people and be a part of something that's much bigger than yourself."

After he graduates from SMU this December, he hopes to start training veterans to be adjusters — helping his peers find peace through service, while also helping people at their most vulnerable.

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