SMU Student Says She Was Robbed By Cab Driver

A cab ride home landed a Southern Methodist University student face-to-face with a gun-toting cabbie, she says.

The student told SMU police the cab driver pulled a gun on her when she turned around to pay and told her to leave everything in the vehicle and get out of the cab. She was getting dropped off near Ford Stadium at 3:30 a.m. Friday, police said.

SMU Police Chief Richard Shafer said the incident is isolated, but should serve as a reminder to student to keep their guard up.

"On campus, generally speaking, it is low-crime, but they can put themselves into in a bad position, so don't be at the wrong place at the wrong time," he said.

Police posted more than 250 bright orange "Crime Alert" bulletins all across campus to warn students.

Several students said some of their classmates tend to walk around and not pay attention to their surroundings.

"On campus, people think it's automatically secure, because we have campus police, but people don't see everything," sophomore Alicia Bos said.

"I'm definitely aware of my surroundings, and if I notice something fishy, I say something to a friend, even if it's just two of us," said Kelly McCall, another sophomore.

Male students on campus said they also aren't taking the news lightly.

"I look around a lot more, I take my iPod out at night, so if someone's coming up behind me, I'll know," sophomore Nick Antaki said. "Other than that, I don't carry a gun around."

Students who might know anything about the robbery can reach SMU police at 214-SMU-2TIP.

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