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North Texas Student Creates App to Prevent Texting While Driving

A Carrollton woman studying at Southern Methodist University created an app in hopes of reducing the amount of people texting while driving.

“Just Drive” was created by Neha Husein, a junior at SMU. Husein was rear ended by a driver who was texting a few years ago and began a search to find a way to prevent accidents like hers from happening to others.

“Ever since then I’m so paranoid when I drive. I just constantly feel like people are texting, and I am going to get bumped into because people aren’t paying attention,” Husein said.

She decided to make the “Just Drive” app while doing a class project when she was studying abroad in South Africa.

According to Husein, it is an incentive-based app that rewards drivers for putting away their phone. The app recognizes if a car is moving when the phone is locked and the app is running. Drivers get one point for every ten minutes of undisrupted driving.

“After you get a certain amount of points, you can redeem those points for gift cards or coupons,” Husein explained.

The gift cards or coupons can be used at local restaurants and retail shops. Husein said she has already teamed up with OT Tavern, VR Wireless, and personal trainers for discounts.

She is also hoping to partner with insurance companies in the future to provide discounts.

Last month, Husein was selected as one of eight students to participate in the Red Bull Launch Institute at South By Southwest. She had the opportunity to pitch her app and to connect with industry leaders.

The “Just Drive” app is expected to be available on the apple store and play store in a month of two.

The app is free.

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