SMU Police: Impostor Forged Diploma, Faked Graduation

University releases few details in case, says it is ongoing investigation

Southern Methodist University police are investigating a degree impostor who investigators suspect forged a diploma -- and even faked a graduation.

"A non-affiliated person has forged a diploma, staged a graduation and changed the name on a student's transcript," the police report reads.

The university said it couldn't go into too much detail about the case because it is an ongoing investigation.

SMU released the following statement:

"The SMU Police Department is conducting an investigation that involves a person not affiliated with SMU who has allegedly made a false claim of having graduated from the university. Because this investigation is open, there are no further details at this time. SMU takes this situation very seriously and will continue to pursue fact-finding on this matter."

An SMU spokesman said he hopes to release more information in the case in the coming days.

SMU graduates and students were shocked to learn about a fake one.

"Ridiculous -- I don't really see what the point would be in pretending you graduated from SMU," said Josh Hicks, who graduated from SMU in May.

"It's not really cheap to come here, and it takes so much to get a degree, so it just shows everybody up who worked so hard," said Alexandra Lippas, an SMU graduate and current graduate student.

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