Todd Davis

SMU Fraternity Suspended After Accusations of Hazing

A Southern Methodist University fraternity has been suspended for hazing students. 

According to a letter sent to parents on Wednesday, the Beta Lambda chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was under investigation for hazing during the new member education period of spring 2017.

"The suspension comes in response to operational and new member incidents that violated the SMU Student Code of Conduct and the fraternity’s policies," a statement issued by SMU read.

During the investigation, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards found evidence of hazing including:

• Paddling
• Forcing new members to eat hot peppers and milk until vomiting
• Forcing new members to wear vomit-covered clothes.
• Forcing new members to consume alcohol
• Forcing new members to participate in calisthenics
• Servitude required of new members
• Sleep deprivation
• “Underground” membership

The fraternity's assistant executive director, Jesse S. Lyons, released the following statement Thursday morning:

"Kappa Alpha Order has suspended our chapter at Southern Methodist University, in cooperation with SMU administration, due to violations of our risk management policies. We have an agreement with SMU to return to campus in 2021."

Members of the fraternity have until 3 p.m. Saturday to remove all belongings from the house and are required to stop any chapter activities.

"SMU has made available alternative living arrangements for students who lived in the fraternity house, as well as other resources to help with their transition," school officials stated.

Students say the behavior reflects poorly on the campus.

"Yeah, it's really, really terrible. Really concerning," said student Tohid Sardarmehni.

"I understand that people want to party and do stuff that they think is adventurous, but it's sad," said another SMU student.

Parents like Jackie Hurtado hope SMU's decision to shut down the house sends a clear message.

"I think all schools should take the same approach just to show that the agenda is to go to school and all of this added danger is not needed at the college," Hurtado said.

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