‘Smart Street Technology' and the Future of Dallas Transportation

City leaders in Dallas are looking to innovative technology to change the city's streets.

Within the next year, Dallas city leaders will begin to test “smart street technology” that will charge electric cars when they pass.

It has yet to be determined where the street technology will be placed.

The plan is to leverage infrastructure projects that are already scheduled to begin in the near future.

“We want these systems to be efficient and effective. The goal is to increase reliability, and to decrease travel times. This will impact anyone who drives, rides a bike, walks, or takes the bus,” said Michael Rogers, Dallas Department of the Transportation Director.

Currently smart technology is used in collecting data within street lights to make them work more efficiently.

“We have smart technology that’s being put in each one of the signal cabinets. It can dynamically start to change your signal timing. This is really the foundation of a lot of the newer technology coming out,” Rogers said.

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