Smaller Crowds Support Lower Greenville Businesses After St. Patrick's Day Parade Canceled

The popular event was canceled because of fears someone could contract coronavirus

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Crowds were much smaller Saturday in Dallas' Lower Greenville neighborhood, after coronavirus concerns forced cancellation of city's the St. Patrick’s Day parade and block party.

It’s an event that attracts 125,000 people each year. 

For OT Tavern owner, Shaun Merchant, it was the sound of a major dip in revenue.

“We’ll lose around $70,000 to $80,000. What you do in a whole month, you do it in one day,” he said.

Merchant said the tavern opened several hours early Saturday to try to make up for the loss.

Employees decorated tables hoping business would pick up, and spent the morning sanitizing and cleaning.

Staff members at OT Tavern took extra steps to protect people. They sprayed down surfaces and used wipes. They placed a sign on the door which said the business would limiting occupancy to under 250 people.

As the clock moved closer to lunchtime, there were eventually signs of a celebration, and a handful of people, dressed up from head to toe. 

One resident said the Lower Greenville area just wasn't the same.

“As one of the homeowners in the area, I’m one of the people even happy to tolerate St. Patrick’s day. It’s once a year,” Lower Greenville resident Dallas May said.

There were plenty of Dallas police officers patrolling Lower Greenville to make sure people were in compliance, and each establishment followed its occupancy limit. Police said it’s something they do every year to make sure people stay safe and enjoy responsibly.

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