Small Texas Church Makes Security Changes After Sutherland Springs Shooting

Outside of First Baptist Church in Boyd City, the flags are at half-staff — a constant reminder of the Sutherland Springs church shooting just a few hours away.

"We are a small community like Sutherland Springs. That type of thing can happen there. It can happen anywhere," said Senior Pastor Mark Autry.

On any Sunday, there may be about 200 people in Autry's congregation, in a town of about 1,200.

"It sits on my shoulder all the time — not just the responsibility of pastoring and being a preacher and going through things with them — but now there is safety while they are here. It is paramount to me," Autry said.

For the past few months, the pastor and others have been talking about a new security plan for the church. They will now expedite that plan.

"I never thought I would have to consider this in a church I was pastor in," he said.

Beginning this Sunday, they will begin to put their action plan in place. That includes a designated person to call 911 in case of a problem. There will also be a few parishioners who are licensed to carry in the sanctuary.

"We are going to do the preparing for it and pray that it never happens," Autry said.

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