Small Johnson County City of Keene Prepares for Presidential Visit

Keene is a small city in Johnson County with a population of just over 6,000 people. It's also a planned stop on President Trump's visit to North Texas on Thursday.

"For a city like Keene that doesn't typically see dignitaries like that, it's a big deal," Keene Police Chief Emmitt Jackson said. "It's all anyone's talking about this week."

Flags line the main street through Keene to welcome the President. He will visit the Louis Vuitton factory outside the Keene city limits to cut a ribbon on a new 100,000 square foot space and talk about jobs.

"I have a lot of my customers, they work in that factory," Maribel Sorto said. Sorto owns a beauty salon and said she's booked through Friday morning. 

"Trump comes tomorrow so I'm really really excited," Romana Wilson said. Wilson sews at the factory. She stopped into Sorto's salon to get her hair done before the President's visit. "So excited tomorrow I can see him personally!"

"I hope he feels welcomed while he's here," Chief Jackson said. "I can tell you Johnson County is very pro-President Trump."

In the 2016 general election, 77.5% of voters in Johnson County voted for Trump. 

Jason Hill is Keene ISD Athletic Director. On Thursday he was getting ready for a cross country meet, looking at the flags lined up at the finish line. 

"It makes our cross country course look a little more patriotic," Hill said. "I think it's neat because America's got a lot of major cities, but America is really built off of small towns."

President Trump is expected to stop at the Louis Vuitton factory Thursday afternoon.

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