Small Aircraft Crashes, Flips on Field in Greenville Park

Two people reportedly experienced minor injuries

A small aircraft crashed on a field in Greenville Friday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration said that the aircraft landed on a soccer field at the Greenville Sports Park and flipped over.

The plane was headed for Majors Field at Greenville Municipal Airport when the aircraft lost power about five miles out, the city of Greenville said. The pilot was able to glide the plane to the open fields at the sports park.

The pilot and a female passenger were on board. They were not injured.

“It kind of bounced flipped end over end," said assistant coach Kirstin Logan. "We were all kind of in shock so we all took off running for the plane hoping that everyone was OK." 

The sports park is northwest of the intersection of Interstate 30 and state Highway 34 in the city of Greenville.

There was no fire, but the crew at Greenville Fire Station 3 witnessed the plane gliding down and responded immediately to rescue the pilot and passenger from the plane.

The Department of Safety and FAA are investigating the crash.
NBC 5's Julie Fine contributed to this report.
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