Six Months Later, No Leads in Plano Murder Mystery

Plano police hope to breathe new life into a case going cold.

Chris Collinvitti, 58, was found murdered in his driveway in November.

Six months later, investigators say they have had no leads to go on.

Neighbors say Collinvitti had just come home from dinner on Tuesday, Nov. 7 when he was murdered in his driveway at about 9 p.m. A neighbor called 911 after he heard the two gunshots.

Collinvitti and his wife were described by neighbors as a nice, quiet couple. He worked at Raytheon in McKinney for 35 years.

Nothing about the way he lived points to the reason he was killed. So the big question neighbors have is, why?

"Why him? Why this neighborhood?” asked neighbor Keith Holt, who dialed 911 the night of the shooting.

“I think people are a little more suspicious of cars coming and going, but I think as the six months have gone by, I think people have just kind of gone back to their normal routines,” he said.

In an effort to generate new leads and bring justice for the family, NBC 5 will be sitting down with the lead detective in the case on Monday, which marks six months since the murder.

A $5,000 reward is also being increased from up to $5,000 to up to $22,125 with the additional reward money coming from family and friends.

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