Six Flags Over Texas Announces 3 New Rides for 2016

Six Flags Over Texas officials announced Thursday their plan to build three new rides in 2016.

Officials said they will add The Riddler Revenge, Catwoman Whip and Harley Quinn Spinsanity to the park's Gotham City area.

"We are excited to offer our guests these premium attractions, thanks to our partnership with the popular DC Comics brand," park President Steve Martindale said.

The Riddler’s Revenge will be a pendulum-shaped ride that will swing 40 riders back and forth at speeds of nearly 70 mph while rotating counterclockwise.

On Catwoman Whip, 48 riders will spin and tilt in a circular motion as the ride whips around. Harley Quinn Spinsanity will spin, twist and swirl riders around.

The rides are expected to be open by the spring of 2016.

Online: New for 2016 at Six Flags Over Texas

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