Sisters Give Birth on Same Day at Same Hospital

Yesenia Marin and Jocelyn Marin were not due on the same day, and they did not plan to have their babies on the same day, but that's exactly what happened to the sisters

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October 16, 2021 is a special day in the Marin family of Garland. It's the day when Yesenia Marin had her baby boy, Sebastian. It's also the day her sister Jocelyn had her baby girl, Antonella.

"I was on FaceTime whenever she delivered, so I was like, Mom, she delivered," Yesenia Marin said. "I heard the baby crying."

Younger sister Jocelyn went into labor first, on her due date. A couple of hours later, Yesenia joined her at Methodist Richardson Medical Center, in the room next door.

"They had scheduled different induction dates, but I was joking with them, especially towards the end, that with their luck they were going to go into labor at the same time and deliver on the same day," Dr. Carol Norton, an OBGYN at Methodist Richardson said. "If they did that, I was totally going to tell 'the news' because I thought that was a big deal!"

Norton was out of town when the sisters went to the hospital, so Dr. Elayna Brooks did the deliveries.

"One sister delivered really quickly, and then I had to run to the other room and actually deliver the second sister," Brooks said. "That's when I found out they were sisters."

Their babies were born just three-hours apart.

"I call them 'twin cousins'," Yesenia said. "Twin cousins," Jocelyn said laughing.

"There are so many things now that we can do together," Yesenia said. "It's amazing!"

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