Sisterly Love Sparks Yearly Bake Sale for Childhood Cancer Awareness & Research

When Anna Day's younger sister was diagnosed with cancer at just 9-months-old, she wanted to do something to help

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Isabella and Jaclyn Day are 10-year-old twins at E.B. Wedgworth Elementary School in Waxahachie. They are alike in many ways. "We both wear glasses," Isabella said. "Sometimes we talk at the same time," Jaclyn said.

The twins differ in one significant way.

"I have cancer, and like, I know there's not a cure for it," Isabella said. "I know there's no more medicine I can take to make me feel better."

Isabella was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when she was 9-months-old. She can't remember a time without surgeries, and scans, and treatments for cancer.

"It can be hard sometimes, like, leaving my family for long trips and going to the hospital sometimes, not knowing what's gonna happen," Isabella said.

"Her cancer made me mature pretty quickly," Isabella's older sister Anna Day said.

Anna was 9-years-old when Isabella was diagnosed.

"I wanted to start a bake sale. 'Anna's Bake Sale'," Anna said. "Only 4% of all national funding goes to 26 different types of childhood cancers, and it just honestly made me really mad."

Anna's mission through her non-profit Anna's Bake Sale Foundation is to raise money for research and awareness about childhood cancer.

"The hope is that even if it can't help my sister, I pray that it will help other kids that are looking for treatment options," Anna said.

"I'm glad that Anna is doing this, not just for me, but for other kids," Isabella said.

Anna's Bake Sale will be Saturday, September 25 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Chick-Fil-A in Waxahachie.

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