Signs at Local Lakes Warn of Low Water Dangers

Many families will head to Lake Lewisville for Memorial Day, but if they are not careful there could be some serious problems.

In some areas, water levels are eight to 10 feet below where they should be, and that is causing problems for boaters.

Steve Greenhill, from Flower Mound, has been boating on Lake Lewisville for nearly two decades.

"Pay attention to the hazard buoys," said Greenhill. "For the most part people aren't paying attention to them and they are going right across them, and they end up in trouble."

Greenhill says lower water levels cause more obstructions to close to the surface of the lake. If you are not familiar with the area you could hit something.

"It's not causing me any problems because I kind of know where to go," said Greenhill. "What to miss, and know what not to go toward."

Along with obstructions, getting boats in and out of the water has been a challenge as well.

"The ramps are basically out of the water," said boater Kirk Bracey. "We are down on brick."

Bracey says he has seen a few public ramps at Lewisville Lake Park that are closed because of the low water.

He had to take his time getting his boat out of the water on Memorial Day.

"We are way down at the bottom of the ramp," said Bracey. "We are about eight feet below. There are lots and lots of stumps out there."

Both boaters say challenges presented by the low water levels will not keep them from enjoying the lake.

"2000 it was this low," said Bracey. "Actually a little bit lower, but hopefully we will get some rain and it will start coming back up."

All the boaters we spoke with said the most important thing to do if you are on Lake Lewisville for Memorial Day is to slow down.

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