Government Shutdown Affects Lake Highlands Business Seeking Small Business Administration Loan

Craig and Veronica Bradley made up their minds to open their own brewery. For six years, Craig worked at Lakewood Brewing Co. in Garland.

"Early last year we said, 'Let's take the plunge and let's go ahead and do this thing,'" Craig said.

They have already secured space and signed a lease for Vector Brewing in Lake Highlands. On top of that, they have architects and contracting costs. So far, they have been able to pay the bills, but that could change in a month. They are waiting for a loan from the Small Business Administration, but because of the shutdown, the SBA, has stopped issuing new loan approvals.

"Anyone that goes through the process of getting an SBA loan can absolutely understand how many hurdles you have to go through, and to get right to the finish line and have something like the shutdown," Bradley said.

In order to help the Bradley's during the government shutdown, Craig's old boss from Lakewood Brewing Co. is stepping in. This Sunday, a dollar from each pint sold at Lakewood will go to Vector Brewing.

"We are a family owned brewery. They are a family owned brewery. I know the struggles that it takes just to get your business off the ground," said Wim Bens, founder and president of Lakewood Brewing Company.

And until the government reopens, furloughed workers with federal identification, get a complimentary pint at Lakewood Brewing Co.

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