Should Cursive Handwriting Still Be Taught in Schools?

Is cursive writing still a valuable skill in this increasingly high-tech world?

It is being cut from many curriculums, but some states are fighting back.

This Fall, public schools in Louisiana were required to teach cursive by third grade, joining at least 13 other states that now mandate cursive.

A pediatrician we spoke to says cursive writing may be a better option for children with learning problems.

"I think the more important question maybe to ask is handwriting in general, is handwriting in general important?," said pediatrician Dr. Stefani Hines, a pediatrician. "The studies that we have definitely show that handwriting is important for learning and is important for retaining information."

That's because handwriting is a more complex process in the brain.

In fact, a study found college students who took notes by hand performed better on tests compared to students who took notes on a laptop.

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