Shots Fired at SWAT Standoff in Arlington

NBC 5 News

Arlington police say no one was hurt after a man barricaded himself inside a house and fired at least a dozen shots towards police.

This happened Friday evening in the 300 block of San Martin Dr., just east of Highway 360 and North of E. Park Row Dr.

Officers were first called to the house by the man's mother who was concerned for her 41-year-old son, who was inside his bedroom with a rifle.

When officers arrived, officers heard a gunshot from the garage area of the home, saying that bullet hit the neighbors house. It was also determined that a 6-year-old and a 12-year-old, believed to be the man's children, were also still inside the home.

Officers made a phone call to the 12-year-old, who then came outside with the 6-year-old child, seemingly unaware of what was going on inside the home.

Investigators say the man was then locked inside the home alone and shot at least 12 rounds at officers who were set up outside, trying to negotiate with the man.

After a few hours, the man walked out of the house with his hands up and surrendered to police. He was taken into custody and is now facing charges.

30-40 people who live nearby were forced to shelter at a nearby park as this situation unfolded.

No one was hurt.

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