Short-Term Leases Catching on in DFW

More and more people are scrapping the idea of a hotel on vacation and choosing to rent out private homes instead.

Andrea Perryman rents out her Victorian home in Frisco through the website,

"Based on that I have almost 100% occupancy,” she said.

VRBO stands for "vacation rentals by owner."

People use it to lease homes on a short-term, person-to-person basis.

"Some people stay for two weeks, Some people stay for a month. The longest anyone has stayed has been two months,” Perryman said.

Perryman's home comes fully-furnished at a rate comparable to a hotel.

"For me, I want it to be a better experience than a hotel and so I try to go above and beyond,” she said.

A spokesperson for VRBO’s parent company, Home Away, says there are nearly 1.2 million vacation rentals on the website in 190 countries.

In the Metroplex, the spokesperson says listings are up 107 percent, and demand is up 57 percent, since 2013.

Despite the growing popularity, not everyone is on board with having short term leases in their neighborhood.

Thursday night, Austin’s city council temporarily banned short-term leases after some neighbors spoke out against them.

Earlier this month, San Francisco voters narrowly rejected a proposition to limit short-term leases.

"I don't think that it’s any different than a regular rental,” Perryman said. "I don’t think in any way if I knew someone was doing a VRBO down the street from me would I think, 'oh, there goes the neighborhood.'"

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