Best Buy

Shoppers Say Strategy Required for Black Friday Success

Already, the Black Friday Frenzy has begun. With so many people racing and reaching for coveted items, local shoppers say having a strategy is a must.

In fact, some people said it's worth a couple of days of camping out. Judy Jimenez's family set up tents at the Best Buy in Irving Tuesday evening.

They all had their eyes on a few big screen TVs.

"We stay here all night Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning come back, shower, eat breakfast, come back, stay all day Wednesday," Jimenez said.

For years, at the same store, this has been the game plan. They were in good company. Others, a little further back in line, hoped to get lucky too.

In the end, they got their TVs.

The national retail federation expects some 165 million people to shop between Thursday night and Cyber Monday.

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