Shopper Shoots at Suspected Thieves in Arlington Costco Parking Lot

Man legally carrying firearm opens fire on two men he says were burglarizing his vehicle

Arlington police are investigating after a man began shooting at two men he says he caught breaking into his car in the Costco parking lot Friday morning.

Officers were called to the shooting at the store at Arbrook Boulevard and Matlock Road, near the busy Arlington Highlands shopping center, at about 10 a.m.

The armed shopper told police he and a friend were leaving the store and found two men breaking into his truck. He said they confronted the men and that's when one of them pulled out a weapon he thought looked like a handgun.

The shopper, who was legally carrying a handgun, pulled out his weapon and began firing toward the man's vehicle as they ran to their car and drove away.

Police said Friday afternoon that, to their knowledge, no one was struck by the gunfire. Police also said they aren't sure what type of weapon the person was carrying, or if it was real or fake.

The shopper, who told police a toolbox had been taken from his truck, had bruising to his stomach that may have been from a pellet or other object, police said.  

Arlington police have not released any description of the men who were breaking into the truck or any information about the car they were driving.

The investigation into the shooting and theft is ongoing. The shopper does not face any charges at this time, police said.

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