Shooting Victim's Son Meets President Obama, Aspires to Serve and Protect

Jamar Taylor, 12, wants to be a police officer

Shetamia Taylor, one of two civilians injured in the July 7 downtown Dallas ambush, is back home recovering with her family.

Taylor's right leg is bandaged and she is unable to put pressure on it. Doctors told Taylor that her tibia is shattered from the knee to the ankle, and it could take a year for her leg to fully heal.

"This heals. I can get over this. You can't get over the senseless deaths of your loved ones," Taylor said.

Taylor met President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama last Tuesday when they visited Dallas to attend a memorial for the five officers who were killed. Her four sons flew to Washington, D.C., on Thursday for an invite-only town hall meeting hosted by ABC News and President Obama.

"He said the first thing you can do is serve your mom and help her," said Jamar Taylor. "Wash the dishes, help around the house and maybe cook something."

Jamar Taylor, 12, told the president he is an aspiring police officer.

"I want to get the message out that not all police officers are bad. Some of them make mistakes," Jamar Taylor said. "Knowing at the end of the day that I can help a family or I helped somebody and kept them safe is why I want to be a police officer."

Shetamia Taylor said she's worried for her son, but will continue to support his dream.

"We've talked about it. He's seen the news (in Baton Rouge) and he knows what's going on. He did tell that it scares him, but I've explained to my son, 'Do not let fear take away from your dreams.' I would never take that away from him because of my fears and I don't want him to take it away from himself because of his," she said.

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