Deadly Shooting Victim Honored for Saving Twins

Accused gunman is twins father

A teen who spent the last few moments of his life rescuing twin toddlers from a car crash will be recognized during the Arlington City Council Meeting on Tuesday.

Clarence Robinson was shot and killed on Dec. 14, 2011, after coming to the twins' aid. The twins' father, Thomas L. Harper, is the accused gunman.

According to Arlington police, Robinson was walking near the intersection of Collins Street and
Brown Boulevard when Harper crashed his SUV into several vehicles stopped at a red light.

One man was killed in the crash and another injured. Witnesses said Robinson rushed to rescue the children after the crash and was shot.

Robinson, just 18-years-old, died at the scene.

The teen worked at the Potbelly Sandwich shop down the street.  His district manager, Jeff McGordy, said this: "It doesn't surprise me at all that he walked up and approached that car to help. That  was just who he was -- a caring individual."

Robinson's family, including his mother, grandmother, uncle and cousins, are expected to attend the
meeting. His mother, Sharon Robinson, will be presented with city and state proclamations honoring her son.

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