Shipping Solutions to Prevent Porch Pirates

Too often deliveries to your porch are pirated by thieves

The Christmas shopping season is prime time for porch pirates to purloin your packages.

There are several solutions available for someone who wants to protect their deliveries.

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, offers services including lockers and in-home delivery.

Amazon Lockers are “secure, self-service kiosks” located in several North Texas cities where you can have your deliveries sent so you can access them when you want.

Amazon Key goes one step further – it allows the authorized delivery drivers access into your home or into your car in an effort to prevent package theft.

If security is your concern, it might not get much more secure than a police station. And multiple local police departments, including Glenn Heights, Hutchins and Lancaster, make themselves available as a shipping destination. And the Wylie Police Department is set to announce a similar program for residents on Thursday.

Fetch is a package management service that is available to a growing number of apartment complexes in the Dallas area. Instead of having deliveries accepted by the apartment management office and then held until you can pick them up, residents in buildings that contract with Fetch can arrange with the service to have their items delivered directly to their door.

“I love the staff that works at my complex, but I also want my box,” said John Ertekin, of Fetch, about the service. “Everything is moving towards frictionless, right? I think that online ordering removes friction for us. The idea is this almost feels like it just naturally belongs already. This was an idea that just came about, but at the end of the day it feels like it should’ve already always been here.”

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