Shipping Container Apartments Coming to Fort Worth

It’s something you don't see often in North Texas, let alone in Fort Worth. An entire luxury apartment complex built out of shipping containers.

It’s called CoHo, short for container homes, and it will be a first for Cowtown's "Near South Side" on Terrell and St. Louis streets, an area undergoing an explosion in revitalization.

The 34-unit apartment project will be made out of 76 steel shipping containers, which will include seven three-story buildings.

They'll house studio, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments.

The developers are calling it a unique "multi-family residential property" at a competitive and affordable price point.

"Fort Worth needs to meet its growing demand for affordable multi-family housing. So this presents an opportunity to create a very unique and novel multi-family residential property, really using shipping containers in a way where we try to maintain the look and feel both on the outside and the inside of the container," said developer Steve Keys of Keywinn Development.

Studio apartments will start right under $1,000 a month. Keys says they are also looking at similar projects in Fort Worth, Dallas and down in Austin. Construction of CoHo is scheduled to be complete in April 2020.

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