‘Shingle Mountain' Removed From Southern Dallas Neighborhood, Neighbors Say

It took roughly 90 days to remove the 6-story-tall pile of debris

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The process of removing "shingle mountain," an eyesore and health hazard for residents of one southern Dallas neighborhood, has been completed, neighbors say.

The process to remove the 6-story-tall pile of debris started in mid-December -- nearly three years after Marsha Jackson, who lives near the site, first complained to the city about it.

It took roughly 90 days to remove "shingle mountain." To celebrate the removal, the Dallas Symphony Orchastra brought its mobile stage to the site to hold an outdoor concert.

"Please don't understand when I do have the tears of joy because I never would think that this day would actually happen just for me down here in my little neighborhood," Jackson said.

In past interviews with NBC 5, Jackson said dust from the site forced her family indoors and impacted their health.

By December 2018, 11 months after Jackson raised concerns, the city of Dallas sued Blue Star Recycling, the company that had planned to grind up the shingles and sell them for use in road paving material, over code violations.

In April 2019, a judge ordered the owners to remove the pile within 90 days, but in June of that year, with the judge's deadline approaching, the recycling company said it didn't have the money to remove the material but that it was making arrangements with other recycling firms and that it could take up to another year to clear the site.

When that year came and went last summer, one of the co-owners of Blue Star Recycling said that he'd tried to fix the problems after "not so great business practices by someone else," but that he was now out of business and was seeking bankruptcy protection. The second co-owner never replied to messages left by NBC 5.

City Council member Tennell Atkins, who represets District 8, said the shingle material was removed by city contractor Roberts Trucking. It was processed at McCommas Bluff Landfill and recycled, he said.

The removal process was supervised by Modern Geosciences, with air quality being measured on and off the property.

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