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‘She Didn't Deserve That,' Friends Raise Funds for Family of Woman Killed in Fort Worth Hit-And-Run

Police confirm a second victim hit early Sunday morning has died

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Close friends of a woman who was killed in a hit-and-run early Sunday morning are raising funds for her family through their catering business.

Ashley Fuentes and her husband Eduardo own Birrieria La Mera Mera. On Tuesday, they began making tacos to sell in hopes of helping the family of 20-year-old Bella Vasquez. She was killed early Sunday morning when Fort Worth police say she and two other people were hit by a passing car along I-20.

“We were in shock. My nephew came in and told us, because her uncle was outside waiting. He wanted to tell us. I got up in the morning. My heart dropped. Like, I couldn’t believe it,” Fuentes said. “They’re here one second and the next, they’re not. We had plans to go out the night before, and she said…‘I just want to have a chill night.’ It just breaks our heart that that’s how she passed away. Like, why like that? She didn’t deserve that at all.”

Moments before the hit-and-run, Fort Worth police officer Brad Perez said Vasquez and two other people with her were involved in a single-car crash. When they left their car to get help, all three were hit by a passing car. Police confirmed Tuesday, the second victim died Monday at the hospital. She has been identified by family and the Tarrant County Examiner’s Office as 12-year-old Allison Zarate.

Laura Sanchez, the mother of Allison Zarate, described her daughter as “very happy girl” who loved being with her sister. Zarate was one of five siblings, Sanchez said.

The third victim is an adult male whose identity has not been publicly released. He is expected to survive from his injuries, Officer Perez said Tuesday.

“I know detectives are checking cameras that are in the area. That’s part of the reason why they’re reaching out to the public. They do know that at the time this occurred, there was a number of vehicles in the area that passed by the location,” Perez said.

Investigators say right now, the information they have on the incident is limited. They’re hoping the driver will come forward.

“I understand being scared after something like that occurs but unfortunately, there’s some things we need to figure out in regards to this investigation and try and bring some closure to the family members,” he said.

Fuentes said as they wait for answers, her family is doing what they can to support Vasquez’s loved ones.

“She would have done the same exact thing for anyone else,” she said. “If this would have been the other way around, she would have been there. She would have done the same thing.”

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