Shady Shores Still Swamped After Spring Floods

The spring floods may be a distant memory by now for many who don't live near North Texas lakes, but one spot in Denton County just can't seem to shake its water problem.

Despite the 100-degree days, Shady Shores Road remains flooded and closed in two spots on the border of Shady Shores and Lake Dallas.

The southernmost flooded area is showing a lot of improvement with the water nearly dried up.

Some residents are hopeful that spot will reopen to traffic in the coming weeks, though they say it will require some cleanup first as it is littered with leftover debris.

The real problem spot remains over the Shady Shores Road Bridge just down the street from the Town Hall.

There, the water has also fallen back significantly, but still has a long way to go before it will be dry.

Even once the water's gone, Denton County Commissioner Hugh Coleman said there will likely be repair work that needs to be done on the bridge that has now sat under water for at least two months.

He said the cities, county and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will have to inspect the stretch fully before it reopens to traffic.

That continues to be a burden for residents in the area like Casey Mayer.

Mayer and his neighbors are currently living between the two closures and are left with only one way in or out of their neighborhood, adding time and stress to their daily routine.

"Over here it's still swamped. We can't get a break," said Mayer. "A little bit more heat I guess. I don't want it, but if it takes that to dry it up, let's get it."

At this point Coleman said many of the other former flood spots that have dried up in the county are in need of repairs, and his team is working to address them all.

Coleman urges residents to continue to observe and follow barricades closing off roads as the stretch ahead, while maybe visibly OK, likely contains damage or other hazards that could put people in danger.

It is also illegal to drive around a barricade.

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