Sex Offenders Watched Closely for Violations on Halloween

An extra pair of eyes and ears were out in Dallas neighborhoods this Halloween to help keep trick-or-treaters safe from potential predators. Dallas County Adult Probation officers were out in full force making sure registered sex offenders stayed indoors and didn't hand out candy to children.

"There are no lights on the front porch, no Halloween decorations and we're looking to see if there's anything that might entice any children," said probation officer John Messenger.

He is one of several officers who were out Monday evening making sure sex offenders were staying in.

"Just a reminder lights out, you're not going to hand out any kind of candy," Messenger reminded a registered sex offender, whom he then instructed to go back inside, turn off the lights and stay inside until trick-or-treating was over.

At another Dallas home, Messenger found an offender who he said was in clear violation. "From the street, your blinds are up, the lights are on in the house, it's too well lit up. We want it dark okay?" Messenger told the registered sex offender.

"As far as I'm concerned, we want him in the back of the house, we don't want any light coming from the front of the house, and that will be addressed further with his case work officer," Messenger said of the offender.

"We need that in this community, we need it," said Secrona Morgan, a mother who welcomed the news of the county's mission to keep her children safe. "I thank them and appreciate them. They are taking time to make sure our children are safe from predators that are out here."

On Halloween night alone, dozens of registered sex offenders' homes were observed. Probation officers say the compliance checks don't stop on Halloween, though. Officers and case workers are constantly on the lookout for violations.

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