Sewer Overflow at Hickory Creek Lift Station in Denton

The volume of a wastewater overflow in Denton is estimated to exceed 100,000 gallons

The City of Denton Wastewater Utility reported a sanitary sewer overflow at the Hickory Creek Lift Station near the Old Alton Bridge around 10 a.m. on Sunday.

According to the City of Denton, the volume of the overflow has not been undetermined at this time, but it is estimated to exceed 400,000 gallons.

The City of Denton said that staff responded immediately to the station and that sewage has been temporarily diverted until repairs are made. Staff will continue to monitor conditions in the creek and implement precautionary measures as needed.

The City also said that staff is actively investigating the cause of the failure and the extent of the overflow.

Staff from the City of Denton's Watershed division are currently monitoring the areas upstream and downstream of the overflow, the City said.

Samples of Hickory Creek will be tested on an ongoing basis to determine any impacts to water quality, the City of Denton said. Oxygen will also be added to the stream as a precautionary measure to protect Hickory Creek.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires the city to notify the public and all appropriate government officials of overflows that exceed 100,000 gallons in a single drainage basin.

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