Service Gives Cliff Notes Version of Company Terms and Conditions

It's smart to always know what your contract says, before you agree, and this service promises to help make that process easier.

"Accept the terms and conditions" you get asked to do that all the time, whether booking an airline flight or ordering a pizza.

We all hit agree and have no idea what we're agreeing to and that's where comes in.

"We have a team of contract readers, they spend hours digging through the fine print pages and pages, and we have one simple question what would the average American want to know that's inside this contract," said Simon Boehme, the company's CEO.

You have to install the extension to a Chrome web browser and it will give you a summary of many of those terms and conditions as you come across them.

Keep in mind those contract readers aren't lawyers, but employees tasked with finding the most important information and highlighting it.

It's not just knowing what rights you have when something goes wrong.

"We talk about ways people can get refunds, can avoid hidden fees and how they can cancel subscriptions," said Boehme.

They uncover things like the fact that JetBlue Airlines will give you a $50 refund if your plane lands but you can't exit the plane after an hour. That Amazon will give you money back if the package they deliver is late, and those photos you and your kids take on Snapchat are not deleted and are owned by Snapchat, essentially forever.

The service is free and right now now hundreds of user agreements are loaded in there and they're always adding more.

As the company grows they plan to get even more personal.

"We're hoping to have the ability for the consumers to upload different lease agreements, mortgage, employment contracts personal contracts and summarize the fine print," said Boehme.

That service would come with a fee, but the rest of the service is free.


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