Serial Rapist Sentenced to 2 Life Sentenced, Plus 80 Years

A serial rapist and robber who terrorized Fort Worth last summer was found guilty and sentenced to two life sentenced, plus 80 years.

A Tarrant County jury found Terry Lynn Douglas, guilty of aggravated kidnapping, attempted aggravated sexual assault and robbery, all of the crimes took place in an area around Riverside Drive and Berry Street in Fort Worth.

Douglas was arrested in August 2014 after a victim he attempted to sexually assault and then robbed of her car picked him out of a photo lineup.

Fort Worth detectives were then able to connect Douglas to a series of four other robberies and sexual assaults in the same neighborhood over a three week period, including one involving a mentally disabled young boy.

Once arrested, DNA connected Douglas to at least a dozen other robberies and sexual assaults over the past several years.

Police said unlike many sex offenders, there was no pattern to Douglas' victims -- he preyed on women and men of various ages and races.

"Terry Douglas thought he was preying on the weak, but he was wrong," said lead prosecutor, Kimberly D'Avignon in a news release. "These brave men and women walked into court this week and told their stories and, by doing so, ensured that he will never prey on anyone ever again. We are grateful for the hard work of the Fort Worth Police Department and for the strength of these victims."

Douglas has six past convictions for robbery and aggravated robbery and a history of offenses dating back to 1989. Even on the stand Douglas denied responsibility for the crimes.

"This was a collaborative effort to get an extremely dangerous predator off our streets," said Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson.

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