Serial Rape Suspect Van Dixson Files Handwritten Lawsuit Against Sheriff's Department

The crime-watch volunteer suspected in a string of sexual assaults in South Dallas filed a handwritten lawsuit in federal court on Thursday saying the Dallas County Sheriff's Department is violating his right to due process.

In the suit, Dixson claims he has no access to courts and has made numerous attempts to contact members of the Dallas County Sheriff's Department to discuss a number of issues related to the alleged violations of due process.

Dixson, 38, went on to formally request the assistance of legal counsel with regard to the lawsuit and asked the county clerk to submit to him any forms he may need related to the lawsuit.

Read a copy of the lawsuit here.

In the lawsuit, he seemed to allege that information provided to the public and media may impair his defense.

"The favorable evidence to the accused has been leaked to the media.  Evidence favorable to the Plaintiff in the current pending [sic] in the Dallas County Courts, has been made available to the public, and media," the lawsuit states.

Dixson is currently being held on more than $10 million bond while facing 10 charges of aggravated sexual assault, seven charges of aggravated robbery, one charge of deadly conduct and two misdemeanor charges out of Plano.

NBC 5's Stefan Gorman contributed to this report.

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