Fort Worth police

Man Suspected in String of Robberies Caught on Video in Fort Worth

Fort Worth police are looking for a man believed to be responsible for two business robberies on the south side of the city.

Both robberies were caught on surveillance video and occurred shortly before closing time.

“By all appearances, he’s a regular customer until the point where he approaches the clerk and demands cash and threatens and indicates he has a weapon,” said Fort Worth Police Detective Brian Raynsford.

The man in the video is described by police as Hispanic and in his 30s, approximately 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing about 230 pounds.

Surveillance footage shows him at the Family Dollar at 1700 Sycamore School Road on Feb. 7 and the Michael’s Store at 4921 Overton Ridge Blvd. on Feb. 12.

The man ran out of the Family Dollar with cash but left without getting anything from the Michael’s Store when the clerk called for a manager.

"If he’s done it twice and gotten away with it, there's no reason to expect he won’t do it a third time or a fourth time or a fifth time,” said Raynsford. "We’d like to get him identified and off the street before he does that.”

Anyone with information on the man's identity is asked to call Fort Worth police or Crime Stoppers.

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