Serial Burglar Targets Homes With People Inside

Surveillance footage shows man believed to behind series of break-ins

Dallas police said they have a new lead in a string of burglaries in northwest Dallas -- surveillance footage.

Police think one man is behind a series of break-ins in the area around Midway Road and Walnut Hill Lane. Police said two different home surveillance cameras recorded the man.

Terri Sue Wensinger said she, her husband, three children and three dogs slept through a break-in at their home on Lively Lane.

"It is scary to know if the guy had the intent to hurt someone, that he could get in and he could -- that's the scariest part," she said.

The break-in at her home is one of more than five in the past two weeks in her neighborhood.

"What the police were saying is that it's thrilling for them to go somewhere that has people in it, which is creepy," Wensinger said.

Lt. Max Geron said the burglar tends to strike at night and favors homes with French doors.

"You can tell by the way he looks in and peers through the house, he expects them to be home," he said.

The burglar took Wensinger's backpack and her husband's laptop. In another case, he stole the keys to a luxury car off a coffee table while the homeowner was asleep on the couch.

"You can see the potential for confrontation and escalation of violence, and that's why we're concerned," Geron said.

Wensinger said she and her family are taking precautions.

"I've got my golf club upstairs, and we've been setting our alarm, and we've also changed our locks," she said.

Anyone with information about the burglaries is asked to call Detective Strodtman at 214-670-6047.

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