Seniors Pass on Written Words of Wisdom for Veterans Day

The letters will go to a younger generation of veterans

Experience is a good teacher, and residents at Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco have something to say on Veterans Day

"For Veterans Day we're going to write a letter to a veteran," an activity leader explained to a room of seniors, some of them veterans themselves.

"Dear Veteran," Benjie Potter said, reading her letter out loud. "I was married to a veteran for 37 years, so I know quite a bit about what you're doing and going through."

While some of their memories have faded with time, others feel like yesterday.

"Dear Vet, I hope this finds you OK and well," Don Wright read with a halted voice, choking back tears.

"I know what they go through, and they're very lonely," Wright explained. "God bless you and keep you safe."

Douglas Wilson is a retired Navy veteran.

"Veterans Day, to me, has a special place in my heart, because this is where I grew up," Wilson said. "When I got to boot camp… and they were hollering and screaming, I thought, 'What have I done?'" Wilson laughed.

Wilson said he was a young man headed down the wrong path and the Navy set him straight.

"There's so much you can learn from the military if you give the military a chance to teach you," Wilson said.

Their letters will be sent to a younger generation serving their country -- a connection spanning miles and generations.

"It was a beautiful time and a very hard time," Wright said. "And believe you me, we're proud of you every day in everything that you do."

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