Senior Living Community Crafts Blankets For Animals In Need

Inside the Mustang Creek Estates in Burleson you can feel the love.

For the last few days some of the residents have been crafting blankets. 

Not for themselves, but for the most vulnerable creatures.

"We are making little blankets for shelter dogs, puppies, any little animal that needs some security and some warmth," said resident Kathy Enlow.

On the receiving end is Second Chance Farms in Granbury.

"We will typically turn down the cute fluffy healthy puppies," said owner Sandi Walker."We take the ones that are deaf and blind or the ones that need amputation. We take the ones that most rescues won't."

Each blanket will go to an animal with special needs that was almost given up on.

"We are 100% donation based so especially the handmade things, we love these," said Walker. "They're more heartfelt for us and for the animals too."

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