Hutchison On Gov Race: “It's Definitely in the Planning Stages Now”

Kay Bailey Hutchison dropped more hints that she's ready to trade her title of "Senator" for "Governor".

At a gala at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Senator Hutchison admitted that when she's at events in Texas, people ask her if she's going to run against Governor Rick Perry.

"Everybody talks about it everywhere I go and I talk a lot about it as well." Hutchison said.

Hutchison hasn't officially announced her candidacy for Texas Governor, but all signs point to a heated primary with incumbent Rick Perry.

"Its definitely in the planning stages now, I'm very excited." Hutchison said.

Hutchison was a special guest at the Flight Museum's gala, a museum she helped start back in 1988. The gallery showcases Dallas' aviation history and works to preserve it.

"Of course, in Austin, we can protect aviation history, too." Hutchison said, dropping another hint about the race.

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