Sen. Cruz Visits Fort Worth on Campaign Swing

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made 12 stops in three days, as he officially kicked off his re-election. One of those stops was in Fort Worth. NBC 5 political Reporter Julie Fine and Dallas Morning News Political Reporter Gromer Jeffers spoke with the senator.

“I love being with people and being with Texans. I tell you it is incredible,” said Senator Cruz.

Cruz's campaign swing happened as opponent Representative Beto O’Rrourke announced that he had raised $6.7 million dollars in the past three months. Cruz said tonight they are still computing their numbers, but they will not be as high as Representative O’Rourke’s. Cruz does have more than $6 million cash on hand, and is known as a strong fundraiser.

“I think we are going to see very, very big democratic turnout in November, but I think at the end of the day my campaign is fundamentally the same campaign we had in 2012,” he added.

That was a campaign fueled by a large grassroots effort, when Cruz was the underdog. He had a surprising win over heavily favored then Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst. He is counting on grassroots support again. O’Rourke also has a lot of grass-root support.

“The comfort is... there are a lot more conservatives than liberals in Texas, and so if conservatives show up in November, if we show up and vote, I think we will have a very good election,” said Cruz.

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