Senator Cornyn on What He Hopes to Hear in the President's Speech

In an address to the nation Monday night, President Donald Trump is expected to announce that the war will press on, with more U.S. troops potentially headed to Afghanistan.

Hours before the speech, Texas Senator John Cornyn was in Dallas touring the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. At the event, we asked him what he hopes comes out of the speech.

"Well I hope the President and his advisors come up with a plan that makes sense," said Cornyn. "I think, unfortunately, given the commitment that the United States has made in Afghanistan we don’t want to squander the gains that have been made, but none of this is easy."

Cornyn says the threat of terrorism is not going away, adding if anything, it is getting worse.

"One of the things I am going to be listening for very carefully is how the President is going to deal with Pakistan, because Pakistan shares its common border with Afghanistan, and provides a safe haven for the terrorists who then come across the border and kill Afghans and threaten our own troops," Cornyn said. "This is going to be complex, but it is important, and like I said, if we don’t take the fight to them overseas then we will be fighting more and more of the terrorists who bring the fight to us here in the homeland, and that is something I think we all want to avoid."

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