Sen. Ted Cruz Will Likely Face Challenges in 2018

Senator Ted Cruz is making several stops in Texas this week.

He is meeting with constituents, and has visited Fort Bliss. Cruz also went to Laredo and toured the border.

Cruz is back home after making his mark at the GOP Convention last month. He upset some of his own faithful when he did not endorse Donald Trump during his speech. Now there is talk there could be backlash at home.

"I think him running for president and not winning makes him more susceptible to having an opponent. Because when you run for national office it does show your weaknesses,and shows some thing that may not necessarily appear when you are running in the state," said former Dallas Republican Chairman Jonathan Neerman.

So, who could challenge Cruz?

Democratic former State Senator Wendy Davis did not rule it out to NBC 5.

A spokesperson Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro says Castro will take a look at 2018.

CNN reports that some Republicans are trying to recruit Congressman Mike McCaul.

SMU Political Professor Cal Jillson said McCaul would be able to pay for what would be an expensive campaign.

"I think given the fact that the Tea Party is two-thirds of the Republican primary electorate in Texas, Cruz beats McCaul. But it would be a hell of a fight to watch," said Jillson.

Jillson doubts McCaul, or any big name Republicans will take on Cruz. He expects Cruz to keep his seat, but believes he could take a long-term hit.

"Many people have said that while there was short-term damage, if Trump goes down badly, then he may rise in people's estimate because he challenged Trump. I think people can lose at once. Trump lost in his convention, and so did Cruz," said Jillson.

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