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Sen. Ted Cruz in Houston to Watch Tuesday Election Results

There is something to be said for a road trip. This campaign has taken me throughout the country. So far, I've covered events in here in Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Traveling by car is much easier – just throw your bag (or bags) in and go.

This trip is to Houston (what a skyline!)

Sen. Ted Cruz is in his home state to watch the numbers roll in Tuesday, after voters head to the polls in several states. It is the most important night since Super Tuesday.

Two of the states voting are winner-take-all: Florida and Ohio. Donald Trump leads in Florida, which is Sen. Marco Rubio's home state. If Rubio does not pull out the win, moving on will be very difficult. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is leading in his home state. But the numbers are stacked against him, too.

Three of the states – Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri – are not winner-take-all. That is where Cruz is hoping to pick up delegates. He spent the day in Illinois Monday.

On a personal note, I have managed to avoid fried food this trip (although the trip is young).

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