Second Burglary Reported in Plano Neighborhood

Plano police are investigating a second home break-in just a few blocks from where another was reported days before.

Investigators released surveillance video Monday morning from a break-in Friday on Wind Dance Circle, showing two men casing the house before breaking through the back door.

The homeowner had added cameras because of the rash of burglaries in the area.

A relative of the owner of a house on Hearthlight Court saw the news report about the Wind Dance Circle break-in, so she went over to her relatives' house and found it had been broken into as well.

Neighbors found out quickly about both burglaries. They had already been on alert because of the rash of burglaries, targeting Asian Indian families.

"It is quite difficult. We hear about this so often, and every time we are thinking, 'Oh, what should we do more for the house?'" said homeowner Harini Meda.

Jamie Cantrell and some of her other neighbors have started a text chain.

"We just discussed some strategies about something as simple as putting a 'beware of dog' sign on your fence just to detour someone who is thinking about breaking in. I know my husband has double-padded all of our gate entries just as a result of everything that happened," said Cantrell.

Plano Police Officer David Tilley spoke about the rash of burglaries.

"I know for a fact this has been going on for five years and they are here for two or three months, they leave. The heat kind of gets on them, they back away and they come back months later and start committing crimes again," said Tilley.

He said they move quickly, coming in from the back door and head for the bedroom and jewelry boxes.

"We try to encourage everyone be different. Don't leave your valuable jewelry. Don't leave the expensive stuff sitting on the dresser in their master bedroom or in some type of container in the master closet," he added.

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