Cedar Hill

Seasonal Allergies Spiking in North Texas Children

Doctors at Children’s Health are seeing a seasonal spike in children who suffer from allergies.

“It’s hard. I definitely hate to see him feeling bad and down,” said Arielle Richmond of Cedar Hill, whose 16-month-old son, Cashton, suffers from severe allergies.

“Usually some coughing, sneezing, definitely a runny nose,” said Richmond. “A lot more visits to the doctor. A lot more taking off to care for him. It’s definitely hard."

Health experts said parents can often confuse allergies with the common cold.

“If it lasts every year, the same time of year, your kid is sick for several weeks or months, consider allergies,” said Dr. Drew Bird, allergy specialist at Children’s Health.

Although powerful nasal sprays are now available without a prescription, Bird cautions parents against using them in children.

“[I] want to caution against just using those in kids without talking to a doctor first,” said Bird. “If you are using antihistamine, we prefer to use the non-sedating antihistamines, but again talk to your doctor about the right dose and the right medicine to use for your child’s symptoms.”

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