Sears Closing 3 Stores in North Texas

Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth is losing one of its anchor stores. Sears is closing 72 stores across the country, including three in North Texas: Denton, Lewisville, and Fort Worth.

A spokesperson for Sears says the stores are not profitable. The announcement comes as its same-store sales continue to decline at a double-digit percentage rate.

"I think the mall will have less customers in it and I think it's definitely going to hurt," said customer Carolyn Ramirez. "It was the lone standout as far as big stores go so I think it will definitely affect the mall traffic."

Sears Auto Centers will close early June or July.

People who live and work in the area say they are not surprised by the recent change.

"I'm a mechanic, so I rely on Sears for my business," said James Wells who lives near Ridgmar. "A lot of people around here are depend on that store being where it's at. It's convenient for a lot of people. Sears has been around for many years and people have become used to it in proximity to their home."

After the three stores close, the retailer will have eight stores remaining in North Texas.

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