Fort Worth

Search On For Man Who Lit Molotov Cocktails at Hulen Mall

Police say they are tracking leads but have no arrests in unusual crime

Fort Worth’s arson and bomb squad, police, and the FBI continued searching on Monday for the man who lit Molotov cocktails inside two stores at Hulen Mall.

“That’s not a typical scenario at all,” said veteran arson investigator Brad Sims.

Nobody was injured in either incident.

The man tried to set clothing on fire in the men’s department at Dillard’s and Sears late Friday, police said. He was seen driving a dark-colored Sedan, possibly with paint damage on the hood.

Investigators said they were not only searching for the man but also his motive.

"You can't rule anything out,” Sims said. “You have to look at all possible aspects. Anything from a mental or emotional deficiency, to general mayhem, to distractionary techniques."

In Fort Worth, 21 firefighters like Sims carry guns and handcuffs instead of hoses.

They are firefighters but also licensed police officers who investigate crimes involving fire and explosives.

With police and FBI now involved in the mall investigation, they're tight-lipped about many of the details.

But they say they are confident they will get their man.

"We believe we will get him identified and move forward with the case, yes,” Sims said.

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