Search Continues for Missing Fort Worth Woman

A specialized team joined the search for a missing Fort Worth woman when Nonprofit Texas Equusearch arrived Tuesday.

The mounted search and rescue team from Houston will bring volunteer efforts to West Plano and the surrounding area to try to locate Christina Morris, 23, missing since Aug. 30.

Texas Equusearch re-started search efforts at 9 a.m. Tuesday using Plano's Legacy Church as its command post.

New surveillance video shows 23-year-old Christina Morris the night she disappeared from the Shops at Legacy in Plano. Morris’ family handed out hundreds of flyers in the area Friday.

“Miracles have happened out there,” said director and founder, Tim Miller. "We’re hoping for that miracle."

After ten days of searching for her daughter, Jonni McElroy said she's still determined. Family members aren't allowed to help Equusearch, but McElroy said she feels better just helping from the command center.

"It feels different," she said. "For the first time, I'm really calm. Very at peace today."

A specialized team joins the search for a Fort Worth woman missing since Aug. 30 when Nonprofit Texas Equusearch arrives Tuesday.

Miller understands what McElroy is going through. He started Equusearch in 1984 after authorities found the body of his daughter, Laura, who had been missing for 17 days.

I made a promise to God...that I would never leave a family alone," he said. "And I know I'll do whatever I can do and whatever Equusearch members in the community can do to find her."

Volunteers covered a field near the Dalls North Tollway horses and ATVs Wednesday morning. Miller is currently complying with the FAA's ban on his drone, but he's hopeful they'll allow him to use it for this search.

The community is also rallying with support. Plano residents like Kristina Binegar took off work to help with the search. Binegar said this case hits close to home.

The search for a missing Fort Worth woman is now in its second week, and friends and family are expanding their efforts.

"If this had happened to me, I would want everyone possible out here helping me," she said. "It's a mother's worst nightmare."

More than a week after Morris disappeared from the parking lot at the Shops at Legacy, police still have no suspects and no tips on where she might be located.

"She has disappeared, and we've got nothing that gives us any direction of where she might be at this time," said Plano Police Ofc. David Tilley.

The desperate search for a missing Fort Worth woman is getting more help from a professional search and rescue organization.

Steven Nickerson was with Morris before she went missing and said she seemed a little upset that night, but he didn't know what was wrong. He said she insisted on driving back home to Fort Worth, but he never realized it would be the last time he saw her before she was reported missing.

"She was loved by everyone. She was the nicest person I've ever met, great personality," said Nickerson. "I don't see anyone that could lay a finger on her."

Family and friends have searched areas in Allen and Lake Lewisville, places where Morris has been before.

“I still have a strong belief she is alive,” said McElroy. “I still have a strong belief that somebody did take her out of that parking garage and somebody does have information.”

Police say records show Morris was sending and receiving text messages the night she disappeared.

“We’re not going to give up hope on this,” Tilley said. “We don’t have any evidence she’s anything other than alive and somewhere out there.”

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