SE Texas Family Trapped in Flooded Home, Greeted By Alligator at Front Door

Floodwaters from Tropical Storm Imelda trapped a family inside their home in southeast Texas, and when they opened their front door on Thursday, an alligator was waiting outside.

Paul and Denise Broussard live in Fannett, just across the street from Gator Country, an alligator sanctuary.

Floodwaters from Imelda started rising Wednesday night and when the couple opened their front door on Thursday morning, there was an alligator right outside. They can only guess that it may have escaped from the nearby Gator Country.

The family's home flooded during Hurricane Harvey, causing so much damage, they were forced to rebuild. However, this time, they built the home on stilts.

As of Thursday night, the floodwaters have not entered the Broussard's home. They are waiting it out and hoping that big gator finds its way AWAY from their home.

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