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School Rallies Behind 10-Year-Old After Brain Surgery

Students at a Fort Worth elementary school dedicated their Poetry Day to a former classmate who is recovering from brain surgery.

Wilson Adams, 10, was suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer last month and remains in the hospital recovering.

"First of all, our class loves poetry and we think it can change the world,” said Jaania Singh, 10, a third-grader at Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center. "We got together with the kindergartners and we decided we were going to make poems for him (and) we were going to make cards."

"Dear Wilson, I hope you get so much better,” wrote third-grader Aslyn Reeder. "Be strong no matter what and it'll be better in a little while.”

In addition to writing cards, they are also raising cash for the family by selling "Wilson's Warriors" wristbands.

Wilson's mother, Tamela Adams, stopped by the school briefly in one of the few times she has left the hospital since the surgery.

She just lost her husband to liver cancer in September. Now, this.

"It's hard to watch your child hurt and have to work so hard,” she said. “His prognosis is good. There's an 80 percent cure rate. It's still very scary."

But she says she's lifted by the support.

"They don't even realize, I think, how much they are encouraging Wilson to keep going,” she said. “Hopefully they can see that helping others, it gets to the core, you know. I hope they realize they are making a huge difference from their own little world."

Kindergartner Noe Nengoyapa, 6, wrote: “I hope you feel better soon and we love you.”

"It makes me feel good to help people, to make him happy and feel better” he said.

"This shows that kids can do a lot of things,” Singh added.

The school raised more than $1,000 for the family.

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