School Districts Remind Parents to Get Kids Vaccinated Ahead of School Year

The first day of school is right around the corner and as parents spend the next couple weeks ensuring their kids have everything they need to kick the year off right, school districts are urging them to make sure their kids vaccinations are up to date.

Several school districts have hosted immunization clinics as part of the big back-to-school events.

"We want our kids to be healthy," said Nakethia Baston, a school nurse who works at Fossil Hill in the Keller Independent School District. "These clinics are easy and convenient for our parents to make sure that our kids get vaccinated."

Texas law requires all students K-12 to be vaccinated.

Exceptions are made for students with medical conditions that prevent them from receiving immunizations.

Parents who are strongly opposed to vaccines can also fill out and submit and official exemption form.

Doctors and health professionals strongly recommend kids receive all vaccinations, insisting they are perfectly safe and are the best line of protection against a number of diseases, including measles.

"When they stay healthy by getting their vaccinations, they'll come to school and they'll have better results in their grades and in their classes," said Baston.

If you have insurance, in most cases, your children's vaccines are completely covered.

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